Research Staff Alumni

Volunteer Research Assistants

April Azusada, B.A. |

April Azusada​ received her B.A. in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley in Spring 2019. Post-grad, April worked as a behavioral therapist and assisted in research for UC Berkeley revolving around the study of lack of father engagement and its effect within the social welfare system. April also has abroad research experience from Prague, Czech Republic as she interned abroad in Summer 2018 for clinical research with a focus in pharmaceuticals. Within the Digital Health and Equity Lab she assisted in every day to day research activities such as administrative work, data management, and on-boarding participants. April is currently an MSW student at Columbia. 

Lizbeth Ortiz-Pivaral | sends e-mail)

Lizbeth Ortiz-Pivaral is a fourth-year undergraduate Public Health major at UC Berkele. Lizbeth has a genuine interest in improving the health outcomes of Latino communities worldwide. Being the child of Central American immigrants from Guatemala and El Salvador, she wants to expand the mental-health resources available to low-income Latino communities, including individuals facing the additional challenges of having chronic illness (i.e. diabetes). As a research assistant, Lizbeth aided with data management and in patient recruitment. 

Alexander Chavarria, B. A.| sends e-mail)

Alexander Chavarria received his B.A. in History with an emphasis in Latin American History and his Minor in Latino Studies from SFSU in Fall 2016.Alexander’s interest in Psychology stemmed as a result of working with Latino migrants who suffered from migration-related health issues such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and diabetes. Alexander’s experience ultimately shaped his desire to one day become a Mental Health Counselor to work with Latino populations. As a Research Assistant, Alexander assisted with the logistics of the DIAMANTE Study in an effort to expose himself to current research that can benefit his future work as a Mental Health Counselor. Alexander is currently an MSW student at UC Berkeley's School of Social Welfare. 

Cindy Tenorio, B. A.  | 


Cindy Tenorio received her B. A. in Public Health in Fall 2020. She is passionate about reducing health disparities. As an undergrad, Cindy was previously involved in FETCH, a pilot program at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, where she coordinated transportation for underserved diabetic patients and families who lacked transportation to necessary appointments. She was also involved in the UCSF ECHO study looking at different environmental exposures that could potentially be detrimental to pregnant women. Growing up in a predominantly Latinx community, she witnessed a multitude of mental health issues and inequities.  As a research assistant, she’s involved in data management, social media usage for recruitment and shadowing study visits.

Guillermo Bustamante |


Guillermo Bustamante is an undergraduate senior who is majoring in Philosophy with a Journalism minor.  His role as a research assistant is a new endeavor that he is excited to be part of.  As a Research Assistant he assisted with data management and outreach via advertisement.